Re: Expulsion of Josh Hawley

Dear Senators Toomey and Casey of Pennsylvania;

Thank you for for honorably representing the interests of Pennsylvanians in the Senate despite the recent violent challenges to our system.

Please consider introducing or supporting a motion to expel Senator Hawley from the Senate, for both his implicit support of political violence, and his explicit attempt to discard the vote of every Pennsylvanian.

Senator Hawley's cynical and antidemocratic behavior is particularly egregious as he did it only hours after hiding from the violent mob that his behavior helped incite. The mob attacked America's core principles, claimed several lives, and directly threatened many lives including your own. Senator Hawley has a degree from Yale Law; he knew exactly what he was endorsing.

Missouri has a Republican governor, and Senator Hawley will doubtlessly be replaced with a Republican. This is not a partisan issue, but an issue of character. His Republican mentor has disowned him; wide swaths of society revile him as a venal opportunist; his continued presence in the Senate defiles it.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Relevant Quotes

Isaac Schorr, National Review

"Are you a Republican voter? Do you plan to participate in the 2024 presidential primary? If your answer to these first two questions is "yes," I have a third: Aren't you angry?

Almost daily, Josh Hawley, the lean and hungry legislator who helped incite an attack on his own place of work, intimates that a majority of Republicans are stupid. Make no mistake: The senator from Missouri is guilty of far more than pandering or misleading to appeal to "the base" on occasion. Your presumed ignorance and gullibility are the driving forces behind his every move." - Josh Hawley Is Calling You Stupid

Lindsay Wise, Wall Street Journal

"Other Republicans are piling on. Mr. Hawley’s mentor, former GOP Sen. John Danforth, told Missouri newspapers after the riot that recruiting him to run for Senate in 2017 was the biggest mistake of his political career.

Even before Wednesday’s violent events, Mr. Danforth had publicly rebuked his protégé, and he told The Wall Street Journal he called Rep. Ann Wagner (R., Mo.) early this week to acknowledge that he had made the wrong decision in backing Mr. Hawley over her in 2017." - Hawley Faces Fierce Backlash From Colleagues, Donors After Capitol Riot

Ramesh Ponnuru, National Review

"Bret Baier zeroed in on just this gap between the senators’ words and their obvious context when he asked Hawley whether his challenge to the election results would keep Trump in office. Hawley wouldn’t say yes and wouldn’t say no — but by asking the question, Baier got him to go as far as to say that who took office would depend on what Congress did. As Baier immediately pointed out, that wasn’t really true.

I think I understand why the senators thought what they were doing was defensible. But they were grievously wrong. They were walking a tightrope and fell off, and not just politically." - A Hawley-Cruz Counterfactual

David Brooks, NY Times

"But there are dark specters running through our nation — beasts with shaggy manes and feral teeth. They have the stench of Know-Nothingism, the hot blood of the lynchers, and they ride the winds of nihilistic fury.

Read the history books. They have always been lurking in the shadows of our nation’s greatness. Hawley didn’t just own the libs, he gave permission to dark forces he is too childish, privileged and self-absorbed to understand. Hawley sold his soul to all that is ugly for the sake of his own personal celebrity." - This Is Where The Fever Breaks